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Friday, 11 April 2014 04:22

lyft mustache carMost of you may have tried Uber by now as an alternative to taxi’s which are often outdated, smelly, or known to rip you off. Uber came in town and made us all fall in love with their beautiful town cars and SUV’s and now the cheaper UberX we love. Lyft rolled into Dallas last fall as the top competitor to Uber and the cabbies. The bad thing was that Lyft was only available in mostly the uptown area and only TO the airport. This has now changed and they have now expanded to the entire Dallas area so you now have a great alternative to Uber’s “surge pricing”.

Free Lyft Ride in Dallas up to $25 | Free Uber Ride up to $25

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Friday, 11 April 2014 03:15


Super Chix located at 612 W. Park Row in Arlington opened up this week as one of the only test stores of its kind in the country. They are clearly a play off of Chick-fil-A and offer similar chicken sandwiches with pickles that you can pick, chicken strips and cole slaw type sides.

Arlington is a great place for this test stores because they have 3,000 Arlington High School students just across the street and 34,000 UTA Mavericks less than a mile away. Yum! Brands who also owns Taco Bell and KFC is the parent company of this new fast food brand but there is no mention on their website.

They instead base the chain on three food-obsessed friends who believe chicken could and should be better with the perfect pickle(s) and the ingredients have no MSG, HFCS or phosphates. It’s too bad they could not use cage-free chickens like Chipotle which was once owned by McDonald’s before it turned into one of the highest valued fast food stocks ever.

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014 05:24

A new day has arrived especially for those of us who live in the Oaklawn area to be closer to an airport that can fly us without much hassle and layovers. Southwest now is known for an airline that has to stop in towns like Midland or Tyler to get to a popular city such as Las Vegas. This will end soon and there may be more air traffic to deal with in the sky and possibly more noise and street traffic but it will be worth it.

Southwest Airlines will fly nonstop to 15 new cities out of Dallas Love Field when the Wright amendment expires on Oct. 13 and airlines will be allowed nonstop service from Dallas to any U.S. airport. Actually, five will be offered from Oct. 13, and the other 10 will be added on Nov. 2. The flights don’t go on sale until May when Southwest will post the schedules.

The new nonstop cities include Atlanta, New York LaGuardia, Baltimore, Orange County, Calif.
Chicago Midway, Orlando, Denver, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Las Vegas, Tampa, Los Angeles, Washington Reagan National, and Nashville, TN.

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