‘QueerBomb Dallas’ Pride Rally & Dance Expected to Draw Hundreds to Deep Ellum

Many people ask the question each year why the Dallas Pride & Parade down the streets of Cedar Springs is held in September instead of National Gay Pride Month. While many are enthused that it’s held while the Texas heat starts to cool off some want to march and celebrate in June. There is also the complaints that Gay Pride across the country has become too corporate and many are changing their parades into more of a resistance movement. This may be the answer for those who want to get out and feel an alternative pride event. Continue reading “‘QueerBomb Dallas’ Pride Rally & Dance Expected to Draw Hundreds to Deep Ellum”

Midtowne Spa Closes After 34 Years

Midtowne Spa in Dallas that had an incredible view of the Downtown Dallas Skyline has recently closed. You probably have not heard about it because you are too busy on Grindr or social media to notice. The sad thing is it truly is an end of an era and you can bet that it doesn’t end with one of the last bathhouses in the country.

While Midtowne Spa is perfectly located near the Deep Ellum area and close to Lizard Lounge and Club Dallas. While it is not walking distance to the gayborhood it was a place to go after having a fun night out at the bars or a place to retreat with one of the best hot tubs in town. The spa closed it’s doors forever because they plan to bulldoze the area for another high rise apt building. All we need is just another high rise apartment in Dallas because that all that will be is corporate and basic concreted buildings. It’s only a matter of time before Club Dallas and The Legendary Lizard Lounge close their doors.

Midtowne Spa had a going away party this month to say goodbye to their employees and fans. “They say everything is changing and everything has an end after 34 years all employees gather to eat our last lunch at the midtowne spa. it’s been a pleasure and a nice adventure, thank you Dallas. And Good bye.” Continue reading “Midtowne Spa Closes After 34 Years”

Houston Will Be Home To $27 Million LGBT Senior Housing Project

The American Psychological Association states there are 2.4 million LGBT seniors in America and 3.5 percent of seniors in Houston self-identify as LGBT according to Census numbers. Most LGBT people over 65 did not get to benefit from same-sex marriage since it came so late in their lives and are not fortunate enough to benefit from Social Security and spousal pension. There are also many gays that do not have neither family and children to take them in. This Houston project, scheduled to open next year, will be the first affordable housing project for LGBT seniors in the Southwest, and the second-largest in the country.

There will be 112 one- and two-bedroom apartments and they expect to be able to house about 145 to 150 seniors. The focus will be on LGBT-friendly care but all seniors are welcome. Total cost of the project is estimated at just over $23.5 million, including a $3.5 million dollar land grant for the property just 1.5 miles from The Montrose Center. Continue reading “Houston Will Be Home To $27 Million LGBT Senior Housing Project”