Gay Man Missing Since Pride Weekend

missing-gay-personClint Crabtree has been missing now since Pride weekend in Dallas. This was brought to our attention after his brother posted to Facebook. Clint is from Mansfield but was last seen in Dallas at the Roundup on Sunday night according to Facebook comments.

Ok concern has moved to panic. My brother has been missing for 8 days. I need anyone who sees this to share it. If you know anything, please contact me via messenger. Here is his picture…his name is Clint Crabtree.
>What we know…he was last seen in Dallas after a trip to north Arlington. He was on several web sites that day. His phone was last used on Saturday the 17th. He had planned to attend pride. We have contacted the numbers he called and have filed a missing person’s report with police. Any help or information would be appreciated. We are very worried for his safety.

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State Fair of Texas Discounts 2016

gayday-state-fair-texasWhether you plan to attend our Unofficial Gay Days at the State Fair of Texas or plan on going on your own on another day of the week there are many discounts and promotions to save money. We have set a date of October 2, 2016 from 1pm to 9pm that Sunday for the Gay Day. Find one of the discounts below and join us! Here is the event page for the Gay Day at the State Fair.

You can save time and money by buying your tickets before you arrive at the gate. you can purchase your admission tickets and ride coupons online and have them printed immediately or sent through the mail. Keep in mind that all ticket and coupon purchases being sent by mail require five to seven days for delivery.

Go here for One Free Up To $20 Uber Ride.

Online Tickets are $2 less than tickets purchased at the State Fair gate.
Season Pass Combo Packs (includes 2 Season Passes and 100 food & ride coupons) are just $95 – that is a $35 savings.
$99 Family 4-Pack (includes 4 general admission tickets and 100 food & ride coupons) is a 26% savings.
Attending the Fair with 20 or more of your closest friends? Buy discounted group tickets online and save up to $7 per ticket. The advantage of buying online is you skip the lines at the ticket booth and go straight inside.
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Pride Playlist (of who we would love to see perform in Big D)

Each one of these we have selected because they supported our community or have been there for us at a time in need such as the Pulse tragedy. We start out with a legend of the LGBT community and work our way to anthems and a faster dance beat. We think any of these would be a great fit for a gay festival such as Pride or a club or circuit appearance. See which ones are coming to Pride this year:

Melissa Etheridge
We take a look at who we would love to see perform for Pride related events such as Melissa Etheridge who poured her heartbreak into a new song, “Pulse,” in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

Eli Lieb & Brandon Skeie
The singers, along with writers Hillary Bernstein and Mimoza Blinsson, came together to pen “Pulse” following the June 12 tragedy in Orlando. The video for the moving song features people around Los Angeles placing their hands over their hearts in solidarity with the victims.

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