Armed Men Lured, Assaulted & Robbed Victims From Grindr

Four Frisco men are accused of the dating app Grindr to lure, assault and rob gay men in a string of home invasions.

Anthony Shelton, 19, Nigel Garrett, 21, Chancler Encalade, 20, and Cameron Ajiduah, 18, face charges including hate crimes and could face a sentence of life in prison if found guilty in the attacks carried out in Dallas suburbs. This was just north of Plano in the Collin County area of Frisco. Continue reading “Armed Men Lured, Assaulted & Robbed Victims From Grindr”

Gay Attacked at XTC Strip Club in Dallas

XTCClub beating jawWhile most of the news lately have been about gay attacks in the Oaklawn area there are also attacks going on outside of the gayborhood. In this case a gay guy was at a straight strip club called XTC in Dallas where he got beat up and had a seizure. This is heartbreaking and we hope that “Korey” makes it out of this without long term damage and is able to make sure justice is served and his attackers pay. These photos are heartbreaking and we hope we can get the word out about this!

“Get that faggot out of here” was one of the gay slurs yelled out at the victim during the attack. Dallas police are currently investigating this attack. There were up to five men who were involved in attacking “Korey”.

This is from the post:
“So we went out Friday night 4/1/16 and decided to go to a strip club called XTC in Dallas. We were there for about 30 minutes when a man slapped his chest and told him to leave. My friend Korey told him that he did not want any problems and that we would leave, but to please not put his hands on him again. When Korey told the man that, the man pushed korey and started hitting him. I started yelling asking for help and nobody would listen. 3 other men decided they wanted to join and beat him up as well. Continue reading “Gay Attacked at XTC Strip Club in Dallas”