New Design

This new Design for GayDFW has been in the works for months, and it is finally starting to roll out. There are lots of cool new features that are coming soon, and this new version is MUCH easier to keep up to date than the old one, which suffered from a lack of updates as a result. One of the newest features that will be coming is a section for dining and restaurants, it is almost done and should be live on the  site within the next several days. For you guys that didn’t ever see the old design, I am going to put a screen shot up below. All in all, I am looking forward to a new chapter with the new design.

Win an iPad at the Brick!

Every Thursday in October you should be heading on over to the Dallas Brick to hang out for their Bump n Grind Grindr parties, and while you are at it, get your shot to win an iPad that they will be giving away! Some other cool prizes that they have include Grindr Memberships. They also have plenty of entertainment going on each Thursday as well with hot dancers running around and then an Amateur Strip off starting at 11pm! Check out the flier below for more details.

Dallas Gay Pride 2010

Dallas Gay Pride is going down in just a few weeks, and it is one of the biggest weekends that this city has, aside from maybe the Halloween Block Party, but still, overall for the weekend wise, it is probably the largest. Station 4 has quite the line up going on with some entertainment every night that weekend. On Friday September 17th, they have an Aerialist by the name of Vincent Packard performing, then on Saturday Night they have Jason Dottley Performing, then Sunday Night after the parade they are having an appearance by Lady Bunny in the Rose Room at midnight. If you have never made it to her show it is something that is very fun that you will want to catch.

As for the actual parade there are a couple of options, and the weather usually decides where I watch from. Bars with upstairs front facing patios that are higher (for a better view), the best bets are either going to be JR’s or Woody’s. If the weather is either too hot, or raining (which is possible in Texas) I usually pick the Round Up Saloon. While they don’t have a front facing patio, they do have cameras set up and they show the parade inside on their many TV Screens! So if its the heat, or some rain that you want to beat, that is the best place for that.

If you haven’t been to the parade before, you will find that it is a mixture of people standing in the streets, and people wandering around in and out of bars. I try to do a bit of both so I can make my way around and mingle with people that I know, one thing is good about Pride, it brings everyone out, so you can see people that you haven’t seen around in years there, and it is always nice to catch up with old friends!

One more thing you will not want to miss is Gay Days at Six Flags. I usually try to make this one every year as I always like seeing our community out and in places besides our little ghetto. This year Gay Days at Six Flags is on Saturday September 18th and starts at 10am until the park closes.

I will be out and about all weekend, so we will have lots of pictures to post from the whole weekend! For now check out some from last years events!