Cathedral of Hope Chapel Vandalized with Porn References

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The Interfaith Peace Chapel at Dallas’ Cathedral of Hope was vandalized overnight.

Police are currently investigating the graffiti which says “kitty porn” and includes a person’s name, phone number, and the make of a vehicle. It which contains numerous misspellings such as a reference to a brown “Chivy Suburbin” and a northern-Louisiana phone number which does not appear to be in service. The name spelled out in graffiti was Jonathan kimbrow but the Rev. Dr. Neil Cazares-Thomas seemed to be unaware of what all of this was in reference to. Continue reading “Cathedral of Hope Chapel Vandalized with Porn References”

Social Shaming in the Gay Community?

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We really need to stay together as a community and not shame others when they make mistakes. Especially if you don’t know the whole story (their side).

A member of our community was arrested for stealing in Highland Park (not even in our community that we know of at this time) and it seems to be one of the most talked about things on Facebook. While it does not look good for him proving his innocence we should not give people the scarlet letter until they are proven guilty.  What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Do we shoot first and ask questions later?
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Gay Man Missing Since Pride Weekend

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missing-gay-personClint Crabtree has been missing now since Pride weekend in Dallas. This was brought to our attention after his brother posted to Facebook. Clint is from Mansfield but was last seen in Dallas at the Roundup on Sunday night according to Facebook comments.

Ok concern has moved to panic. My brother has been missing for 8 days. I need anyone who sees this to share it. If you know anything, please contact me via messenger. Here is his picture…his name is Clint Crabtree.
>What we know…he was last seen in Dallas after a trip to north Arlington. He was on several web sites that day. His phone was last used on Saturday the 17th. He had planned to attend pride. We have contacted the numbers he called and have filed a missing person’s report with police. Any help or information would be appreciated. We are very worried for his safety.

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