Social Shaming in the Gay Community?

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We really need to stay together as a community and not shame others when they make mistakes. Especially if you don’t know the whole story (their side).

A member of our community was arrested for stealing in Highland Park (not even in our community that we know of at this time) and it seems to be one of the most talked about things on Facebook. While it does not look good for him proving his innocence we should not give people the scarlet letter until they are proven guilty.  What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Do we shoot first and ask questions later?

We certainly hope he finds friends and resources to help him through these troubled times. Stealing things from others happens a lot especially at the clubs and parties where these people are rarely caught. Many people get away without getting the punishment they deserve from stealing and they shouldn’t.

We will refrain from posting the person’s name until we hear more on the story and hope the person learns a lesson but not from the bullying on social media.

If people spent this much time talking about how the police have not solved any of the Oaklawn attacks then something might get done. Highland Park will always be their priority.

It just seems in the days of social media that we need to possibly keep some of the gossiping more private so that it does not lead to bullying and psychological damage that can lead to things such as suicide. Just a thought.