Drag Performers Attacked Outside Austin Nightclub

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On the night of Tuesday, December 27th two drag performers of the Austin LGBT community were brutally attacked outside of Barbarella Nightclub. Both sustained deep injuries both physically and emotionally from the attack. This is normally a fun night to go out for the popular weekly event called Tuesgays. The photo on this page was taken just hours before the attack.

Tuesday, January 2nd join the BT2 drag racers and these other superb guests as we raise money for our fellow drag sisters Serotonin Hey and Kelonapin! This will help pay for the costs of them being assaulted, robbed, and horrifically beaten in Downtown Austin with things such as legal and medical bills.

Nicholas Brading (Serotonin) wrote “Anything can help, and I will be donating most if not all of my “portion” of these benefit shows to helping one of my best friends get a smile even better than before all of this bullshit. If anyone knows a good attorney for civil cases please let me know, or someone who specializes in LGBTQ hate crimes/assaults because I plan to pursue this to the fullest extent of the law for me and Serotonin Hey (Robbie Foster) , no matter how much time or money it takes.
Thank you to everyone who has reached out and all the love and prayers, and the way this community has pulled together has made me speechless… I love all of you ”

See the video from Serotonin Hey below: