Gun Group Tries to Force its way into Pride Festival

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gun group threatens prideYou will not believe these armed Gays throwing a fit when they’re not allowed into a Pride parade with their guns. This could happen anywhere with the “gun activists” out in full force after mass killings across the country scared they will get their guns taken away. We hope Dallas Pride is prepared for these type of militant groups of force and aggression.

Allegedly the “right to bear arms” group was a member of the LGBT community and kicked out of Capital Pride in Olympia, WA over the weekend for trying to enter a festival with guns. We have a lot to celebrate this year especially with a possible Supreme Court Decision going our way but we could be facing deadly gun violence if something like this gets more aggressive. See video below.

In the below videos, the 2nd amendment group spars with Pride organizers.
The festival’s stance is straightforward — “We don’t want your guns here,” a female organizer said.
The activists, on the other hand, try manufacturing Pride’s civil rights focus into a great hypocrisy for wishing to omit the presence of deadly weapons.
“We would love for you to be here, but not the guns,” the same organizer tells them.
The group was unsuccessful at entering the first day, and returned the following afternoon to continue the stunt. Eventually, police were called and they were officially asked to leave.

The outcome could be worse in Texas where the Governor Abbott just signed into Law that you could open carry.