Tallywacker’s (Male Hooters) Closed (for now)

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tallywackers-hooters-malemodelsA male version of Hooters is allegedly coming to the gayborhood in Oaklawn in Dallas according to a Craigslist post. We have always dreamed of hot shirtless male servers and we may get it. Tallywackers will be the name of the new restaurant which plan to serve phallic-shaped foods such as hot dogs. They are hiring bartenders, servers, cooks, bus boys and hosts.

Look for it to open soon at 4218 Lemmon Avenue in a space previously occupied by Lolita’s and the Catalina Room. Dallas already has Hooters and Twin Peaks which show off women’s breasts so why not a place to show off men’s breasts and bottoms of course.

It was earlier this month on April Fools Day that Hooters sent out a big social media campaign they were opening up a chain called “Roosters” but it was just a joke. We are glad to see someone actually carrying through with it. Will you be eating there next month to check out the scenery?

Update August 2016- Tallywacker’s has now closed at this location and the management has released a statement saying they will open at a new location soon.