Major fact left out of Dallas Buyers Club

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DallasBuyersClubReading an article over at they made mention of several movies that left out major key facts. This one really bothers me as Matthew McConaughey took home awards while playing a straight “cowboy” who used the “F” word a lot in the movie. In the movie Dallas Buyer’s Club Ron Woodroof gets AIDS from fucking a junkie prostitute. If that wasn’t enough to establish the character’s throbbing heterosexuality, he also spends most of the movie overcoming his homophobia towards the gay people who buy the FDA-unapproved AIDS medication he smuggles in from Mexico.

Far from being a straight anti-gay cowboy, Woodroof is described by the people that actually knew him as a quiet, neatly-dressed man who looked like an accountant. Bill Minutaglio, who interviewed Woodroof in 1992, recalls that even in the months leading to his death, he never stopped making an effort to look presentable.

The movie Dallas Buyers Club went far to portray Ron as straight, which he clearly was not. It’s most likely that Ron was bisexual, as he did have sex with the occasional woman while also being active in the local gay community. He definitely touched a fair share of penises that didn’t belong to him and we think that is the story that should have been played at theaters. You know… the truth.

It could have been a story about a bisexual accountant-lookalike who becomes a smuggler to go up against the drug companies and regulators to stop people from being poisoned to death. Do you think the movie would have still got its Oscar Bait effect doing it in a more truthful manner? Would Jared Leto still have dressed in drag for us?