Dallas Voice is posting alleged “sex-offenders” now?

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HomophobicPolice_Dallas_VoiceAre they going to start siding with the religious right as well and post anti-gay stuff? What allegedly was someone in our community who lives in Oaklawn who some already think are all pedophiles and sexual sinners was doing inside a bar is now top news in the Voice.

Of course the gays are born to love drama so it has been shared more than 30 times and was all down our feeds with people commenting who did not know the person. One person stood in to defend him who said that he tipped well and supported the community.

We should not assume about the sex offender registry. Allegedly a Dallas Cop looked in the window of a bar, and saw him sitting on a friends lap, within a large group of friends. Charged him with a simulated sex act in public – he couldn’t afford lawyers, and took a plea deal. So basically his life possibly ruined by a homophobic police officer according to an eye witness.

Why is there not public outcry against the Dallas Voice like we go up against things that Pat Robertson says… If we are going to fight for a better standing in the world we need to stop this hate in our own community before we can try to defend ourselves on the outside. As Rupaul would say if we can’t love each other then who can we love.

Dallas_Voice police harrasement discrimination Keep in mind that to further the hypocrisy The Dallas Voice posted a day before they blasted someone in the gay community they posted a report about law enforcement discriminating and harassing people in our community.

The bottom line is you can basically be forced to list as a sex offender for pissing outside. The world outside the gay community thinks we are all sex offenders for having “abnormal” sex in the first place so of course this law won’t be changing. Now that gay marriage is taking shape they are most likely looking for more and more ways to shame our community. There’s no excuse for the Dallas Voice to post stuff like this. I’ve had friends ran over down in Oaklawn where the person got away with it and that is more news than this. Some groping in the bar or gays making out is now criminalized so carry on and stay in your homes.

What are your thoughts?