Dallas Earthquakes causing water main breaks?

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DallasearthquakedamageWe have started the year off shaking in the City of Dallas as two earthquakes today including a 3.5 and a 3.6 both centered near the old site of the former Cowboy’s Stadium in Irving.

They seem fun and cute for now to joke around about but it could lead to serious damage as our buildings and infrastructure are not cut out for earthquakes. This video is from before tonight’s quake, but after this afternoon’s.

“Getting worse. Smells like sulphur”
“Now water is coming out of cracks that were not there a few minutes ago and it smells like sulphur or natural gas in the air”

From local artist Thor Johnson, via Facebook:

According to the city 311 there are 33 water main breaks in Dallas right now, before the most recent 6:52 pm quake.