Dallas Pride 2014 and Gay Day at Six Flags

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dallasprideWe have had lots of emails over Pride and Gay Day at Six Flags which is just around the corner.  The 31st Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade or what we basically call a Pride Parade is held on Sunday, September 21 at 2pm along Cedar Springs Road.  The parade route goes from Wycliff Ave. to Turtle Creek Blvd. Then most folks head on over to Lee Park at Lemmon Ave. @ Turtle Creek Blvd from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Gay Day at Six Flags is always the day before Pride which falls on Saturday, September 20th this year.
Tickets are only $35 and they include parking if you buy them on the Six Flags website and use promo code “DallasVoice”. We are seeing the wrong date still listed on the Pride org page for someone reason.

Other Pride events include the Red Party with Ru Paul’s Adore performing on Friday. There will also be Purple Party events going on with a T-Dance Sunday.

Dick’s is known to throw pool side events ever few weeks or so and they are going out big for Pride this year you can download their events guide here.