Plush Dallas earns 26th spot on “Nightclub and Bar Top 100”

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When you think of the nightclub and bar industry you may think of Las Vegas, New York, and Miami but three Dallas nightclubs made the
Nightclub and Bar Magazine’s annual Top 100 list. Plush Nightclub which is located at 1400 Main street tops the Dallas clubs on the list with Thrive and Avenu following. While no lgbt bars made the list we cannot assume this includes every type of bar or club. Plush was a venue for the Purple Party in 2012, which may have contributed to part of their 25 millions in estimated revenue. It would be interesting to see how gay bars and clubs across the nation compare on this list.

26 Plush Dallas, TX $15-25 MM
60 Thrive Dallas, TX $10-15 MM
98 Avenu Lounge Dallas, TX $5-10 MM

1 XS Nightclub Las Vegas, NV $80-90 MM
1 Marquee LV Las Vegas, NV $80-90 MM
3 TAO LV Las Vegas, NV $60-70 MM
4 LIV Miami Beach, FL $45-60 MM
5 Surrender Nightclub Las Vegas, NV $45-60 MM
6 Pure Nightclub Las Vegas, NV $35-45 MM
7 LAVO NY New York, NY $25-35 MM
8 Tryst Nightclub Las Vegas, NV $25-35 MM
9 LAVO LV Las Vegas, NV $25-35 MM
10 Mango’s Tropical Cafe Miami Beach, FL $25-35 MM
11 Greystone Manor West Hollywood, CA $25-35 MM
12 Hyde Bellagio Las Vegas, NV $25-35 MM
13 HAZE Las Vegas, NV $25-35 MM*
14 1 OAK Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV $15-25 MM*
15 Pacha New York New York, NY $15-25 MM*
16 LAX Nightclub Las Vegas, NV $15-25 MM
17 The Pool After Dark Atlantic City, NJ $15-25 MM
18 Seacrets Ocean City, MD $15-25 MM
19 Avalon Hollywood Los Angeles, CA $15-25 MM
20 Vanity Las Vegas, NV $15-25 MM*
21 ghOstbar Las Vegas, NV $15-25 MM*
22 Clevelander Miami Beach, FL $15-25 MM*
23 PHD New York, NY $15-25 MM
24 The Chandelier Bar Las Vegas, NV $15-25 MM
25 The Bank Nightclub Las Vegas, NV $15-25 MM*
26 Plush Dallas, TX $15-25 MM
27 Masquerade New Orleans, LA $15-25 MM
28 Sevilla Nightclub Long Beach, CA $10-15 MM
29 ROOF on the Wit Chicago, IL $10-15 MM
30 Drais Afterhours LV Las Vegas, NV $10-15 MM