Lady Gaga’s concert afterparty ‘No Shows’ explained? Plus Concert night photos!

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If you are a huge Lady Gaga fan like we are you probably stood around after her Dallas show last month on a Tuesday night waiting at the Roundup for her to show. You may have even went out to other cities such as Las Vegas or LA where she has been known to make after club appearances during her past tours. It is a given she will show up and either make an appearance or do a performance in cities where she knows the stage well. Lady Gaga started out working hard and performing at gay bars and clubs across the world and one of our favorite things as a fan is to see her upclose with the more intimate setting and she loves it more than performing on the big stage as she has said before.

This is why it was so noticeable that she did not appear this time around during the Born This Way Ball in Dallas at the Roundup or Station 4. It was a big over hyped by both Roundup and Station 4 so we thought at first that is why she did not show. We thought she may have been offended by Roundup posting that she will appear with no sign of backing down on their Facebook page although that post was deleted the next day. Station 4 not only opened up on a Monday and Tuesday night when they are never open but surreptitiously spread the word she might appear and of course being open those nights and profiting from an ‘appearance’ or ‘performance’ especially from those under 21.

There was also a post from a performer at JR’s that hinted she may stop by. Could Lady Gaga be more over hyped by Dallas clubs or what? So we thought that might be part of the reason until we noticed a few more things that the clubs in Dallas SHOULD have considered. ONE is that she did not appear after her Los Angeles show with Jeffrey Sanker out and about or doing anything with her fans there besides shopping. One of the ways Lady Gaga got her name out there in the beginning was her fierce White Party performances in Palm Springs. There was no word of her appearing at Krave (now Krave Rio) in Las Vegas either where she was known to do after shows in the past. You have to start thinking where is all of the energy she used to have… she used to be everywhere!!

It turns out it may be the rumors or either her having Lupus or the fact that she can barely walk or not walk at all. Not saying there are not other reasons but this seems to be her lack of energy we once knew with one of the fiercest women on the planet. She has been hiding an injury to staff supposedly following a show months ago but could there could be more than that. Her performances set for Feb. 13-14 in Chicago, Feb. 16 in Detroit and Feb. 17 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, have been postponed.

She still put on a great show in Dallas and Houston for the Born This Way ball and pleased her fans regardless if she did not make club appearances. Her new album is set to release later this year known as ‘Artpop’ which we are all excited about! We hope she recovers from her injuries soon and that she can promote her new album.

Photos from events surrounding the Lady Gaga Monday and Tuesday club ‘no shows’. The bustling crowd at the Roundup on Tuesday night pictured below and S4 Dallas on a Monday night during a concert ticket giveaway in the Rose Room in hopes to lure the Mother Monster to the club.