Hippie Hollow’s Splash days with No Boats?

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It’s always a fun time going down to Austin for one of the Splash weekends where they anchor the boats at the shore together and enjoy the scenery of Lake Travis. All that may be coming to an end now that they have placed buoys declaring it a swim area instead of for boats to anchor up. It’s not like there was not room to swim anyway? I am not sure why this extra step was needed.

For all of my friends that have enjoyed Hippie Hollow and the the boats anchored at the shore. The LCRA and Parks dept. has brought and end to those sun and fun filled days. No splash, no special holiday weekends, and no overnight campouts on the boats. The park dept. has placed buoys the entire length of the shore and declared it all swim area. As all of us have witnessed, there is rarely a serious swimmer to be found. An effort is being made to let the officials that made this decision know that there are tax paying park patrons that want this decision reversed. It will take all of us making calls to remind them, we deserve to use the park shoreline, as we have for many years. Please make some calls, and send an email to all of the county officials that are responsible for the decision. Wayne, Herndon, Will, Brian have posted a list of numbers and names that need to hear from you. Pass this information on to everyone that will be effected by the decision and ask for their help.

Here is the contact information if you wish to contact the officials in charge of the matter:

Travis County Parks Contacts:
Charles Bergh (TCP Division Director)
512-854-7275, Press 7, Press 1

Robert Armistead (TCP Division Manager)
512-854-7275, Press 7, Press 2

Dan Perry (TCP West Division Manager)
512-263-9114 Ask to speak to Dan