18 and up clubs in Dallas

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If you are new in the gay community and have been rejected from the Roundup and Station 4 on Saturday night you might think there is no place to go for those under 21. There are a few places to go especially on any night but Saturday night. Starting Thursday nights you can get in at a new party that has really been taking off that is located near Baylor Hospital downtown. It is called Queen Night at It’ll Do Danceclub. They recently had Sharon Needles and Cazwell perform there. Each Thursday is free before 10 and then $5 cover and 18+.

Another place on Thursdays is Station 4 where it is not always the busiest night but it is guaranteed an entertaining night watching the amateur drag show. It costs around $10 to get inside even with the normally dead dancefloor. We are not sure why they don’t try and lower the cover on Thursday nights. Even the 21 and up crowd is gouged at the door at $5, which we do not mind paying if it has more than 200 people inside such a large building.

S4 is also known for their Friday nights which are $15 for 18 and up. This night is totally worth it because it is normally a good crowd and the music is high energy and there is lots of eye candy. Then again on Sunday night you can get in for $15 cover and have a chance to compete in the hip hop dance contest.

BJ NXs and Tin Room seem to be 18 to enter if you pay a $20 cover. We are not sure if they are still doing that. You may want to contact their Facebook pages before you go out there. Kaliente and Havana Lounge we have also heard do 18 nights but there is nothing on their Facebook or web sites that detail this further.