Queen night opens tonight at It’ll Do Dance Club

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A new club night is upon us here in Dallas as we wait for the opening night of Queen at It’ll Do Dallas. Aug 9TH is the beginning of a revolution in bringing back diversity in the gay music sceen. The “Queen” Facebook invite says to down Grindr, get out of the house and come party with EVERY type person. Amazing music by Redeye, Hosted by the lovely queens from RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE. CARMEN CARRERA AND RAJA. This is a club for music lovers, not based on light shows or $400 bottle service, just hot men and ladies, great beats and fashion and well….QUEENS. Oh and this is just the beginning.

Yes, It’ll Do is the name of the club and it is Queen that is the name of the event. I just had to make sure you got that. I can just see my corrective texts now for trying to tell people I am at It’ll Do. The bar is located off of Elm Street and plans to feature old-school Dallas favorites DJ Red Eye, Ronnie Bruno, and more. They also plan on doing it big the first month with Sharon Needles performing Thursday, August, 30th for the big Labor Day Weekend kickoff.

Grand Opening Night is Tonight!
Location: It’ll Do Dance Club at 4322 Elm St, Dallas, Texas
Night: Thursday’s “Queen”