Judgmental Austin Map

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Whomever came up with this map is just genius. It details the communities scattered throughout Austin, TX. This is known as the Judgmental Austin Map where fake people refer to the domain, where people choose to live atop Neiman Marcus (not shown). Mexican hippies live between comfy fatties and poverty. Boring gays who love tract homes extend to Plugerville and Round Rock, includes safety-conscious white couples with new babies. NW Austinites or North Austin are not pictured for obvious reasons says the post on Facebook. IF you are thinking of traveling to Austin you better brush up on where your hippies, grindr, and scary HEB’s are located. If you were to live in Austin where would you be on this map?   xD
Read the Facebook comments on this photo:
“I’m right in between North Mexico and Grindr. I’m not sure how accurate that is, since I had to look “grindr” up on Google.”

“I am not a straight hipster professional. But all my neighbors are. And I could pass if I wanted.”

“The Scary HEB is actually at William Cannon and S. 1st. The proper designation for the Oltorf store is “The HEB of Broken Dreams.”

Keep in mind this map is meant to be fun and certainly does not mean to offend anyone.  If it does then grow a sense of humor.