Axiom Sushi closes to bring in Tajin Mexican Food at ilume

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Looks like another memory of the Dallas A-List series has come to a close. The watch party headquarters of the A-list was the Axiom Sushi Lounge on Mondays. Which also tried many other promotions to stay alive at the ilume on Cedar Springs. Maybe fish and Oaklawn do not go hand in hand but it never fully caught on, even after the name change from Fin. The sushi wasn’t bad either. It was supposed to close April 30 but seems it stayed around a bit longer at least it appeared colorful at night with their sign up until now.

The owner of Monica’s Monica Greene has been planning to open her newest restaurant, Tajin, next door to Axiom since last summer. Apparently she has delayed Tajin’s mexican fusion so she can take over the Axiom space, according to sources. It will be exciting to see what new interpretation of Mexican Food Green has up her sleeves this time when it opens around late June or early July.