JR’s Bar and Grill to Re-Open March 14

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The Village Station transformation we all waited on for so long took forever it seemed. Caven took several months of port-a-potty’s and smelly patio mess to prepare us for what is now Station 4. This time around they seem to be quicker with the turnaround of the transformation of the new JR’s on the strip.

The new and improved block anchor JR’s Bar and Grill will reopen it’s doors at 4:30pm on Wednesday, March 14. You know they just had to rush to be open before St. Patty’s Day which is always one of our favorite drinking days of the year. You may also want to check the Parade that Mark Cuban saved for the annual St. Patrick’s Day weekend come March 17th, then hit up JR’s for a patio cocktail.

You can see the photo here of JR’s while under construction and how they gutted out the throw-up smelling bar area. The bartenders will be the happiest to see this improvement without that musky smell and a clean bar to work with.