DJ Sno White moving Wednesday Gay Night to Addison

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The Rainbow Lounge in Ft Worth has been hosing a unique gay night on Wednesday nights called Wild Wednesdays with DJ Sno White. You may know of her from Insomnia afterhours and she will be opening for the Day Glow party coming up in a few weeks in Dallas. The diva DJ recently tweeted that she will be moving the gay night to a straight club Firefly in Addison. Glad to see a gay night move to the Addison area but will North Dallas gays take part and join the fun?

I need all my homies, ravers, & party peeps to help me… PLEASE help spread the word me and Kayla Kruz will no longer be DJing Wednesdays inside Rainbow Lounge of Fort Worth. We are moving to FIREFLY IN ADDISON!!! Same music, still a gay night. We start NEXT wednesday so please tell everyone. Unfortunately they are not informing anyone, & the DJ is trying to steal our “Wild Wednesday” name!! So I need yall’s help by getting the word. out. See yall next week @ Firefly (the flyer will be up soon).

Here is the facebook page post:
Wild Wednesdays with DJ Sno White and Kayla Kruz
Hey everyone! SO we are moving our Wednesday’s too an ALL new upper scale venue, we will no longer be at @Rainbow Lounge anymore due to circumstances out of our control. On behalf of Sno White, DJ KRUZ, and Cody Neighbors… We THANK YOU for all the continuous support and look forward to seeing everyone once again on Wednesdays very soon!! One ♥