Madonna World Tour selling out fast in Dallas

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Madonna is due to tour in Texas for this new World Tour and you can certainly tell it has been too long since she has been here last time. If you tried to buy tickets you were in for server crashes and strange messages. “Honestly, I am not even sure which credit card was charged or what seats I ended up with it was such a mess,” said Lindsay in Oklahoma City, OK. The Dallas concert will be at the AAC or known as the American Airline Center on October 20th.
We were online to get our tickets and the server crashed and crashed as you can see here. There was a timer at the side that kept counting down but yet the cursor had the circular motion going at the same time. It’s like we were losing out on tickets not because we were inputing the information too slowly or taking too long to make our decision. It then would say click next and told us to enter our address well that was entered and as the clock moved on hit next and then it went to a server error page. We did this several times before finally coming back to the page where it said things were sold out. Well at least we know unless we want to fly somewhere else to see Madonna then we can get the reseller tickets online. How is it that reseller sites always have these things so fast?

We predict that Madonna will sell out fast in Dallas and will add another date because her Houston date is on Wednesday the 24th and she will most likely add the 21st for Dallas which is on a Sunday. Are you attending the Madonna Event in Dallas?

If you are a Citi customer you get dibs tomorrow a day late but you will see nothing more than the SOLD OUT for VIP we can see now. Madonna Icon lifetime legacy members had the first in line earlier where they could get on the site at 10am and buy tickets. The ones left over were most likely in section 100+ and none on the floor unless you bought VIP.