Local Club Winnings a Timeshare?

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Most club give-a-ways end up being bar tabs or cash and that may be from a dance contest. Every now and then they may do a promotion with a record label or concert promoter for free concert tickets. When a club starts giving away trips to Hawaii and Las Vegas it is time to not get too excited. We noticed some chatter online lately that some Las Vegas and Hawaii giveaways from New Years’ Eve Weekend could be part timeshare or buy one flight get one free type scenerios. You might have to sit through a time share speech to get your “Free stay” or “Free trip”. I know I would be disapointed if I only won a timeshare which you can get free by the way just by going to Hilton Vacations or Marriott Vacations or any of the timeshare sites on your own. No need to win something you can get reduced or free on your own. Some contests are worth getting excited about but when you hear the words Vegas or Hawaii don’t go running over. Reports came in that these give-a-ways were at some local Dallas clubs RoundUp Saloon and Tin Room. If you do “win” such a vacation then make sure you are not drunk when it comes time for your big timeshare presentation. Just Sayin’