A-List Dallas Cast Angering Gay Community

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I stumbled upon a Facebook page this afternoon called “Boycott LOGO’s A-List Dallas” and I have to admit, when I first saw it, I was expecting to see some people griping over the casting choices (which there has been plenty of outrage over). Once getting a little more in depth into what exactly had transpired, I saw that it was much much more. I could explain it, but the letter on the info tab does it in a way that I never could. Here is the letter below, followed by some Facebook Screen Shots about the event.

Dear Logo Executives:

I would like to bring to your attention in hopes that next time you re-think your choices as to whom you cast on your A-List shows. I am writing to you to make people aware of how serious HIV and the reality of the ignorance within our own community really exists, and in particular one of your cast mates of the Dallas A-List: Philip Willis.

I went to Jack’s Backyard to a going away party for a friend and soon realized there was a fundraiser raffle to support HIV/AIDS. Of course it made the evening even more enjoyable to me as not only have I been a volunteer at the Resource Center for years, and have donating a lot of time and money to the cause, not only with our community, but with organizations in Africa as well, but I am HIV positive too and know first hand of the daily struggles anyone with HIV face.

It is my understanding the cast members of the A-List Dallas were there to pass out raffle tickets.

One of the A-Listers Philip Willis approached me and my friends and asked to donate $20 for some raffle tickets which I instantly reached into my pocket and gave him $20. I asked Philip what were they raffling off and he stated “it doesn’t matter, it’s for a good cause; it’s for all those poor old sad people.” I asked who he was referring to and he just winked and said “you know…them.” I replied “no, I don’t, who are you referring to?” He said, “you know, those ones who have AIDS.” My response to him was “I am HIV positive, and I’m not poor or sad.” His mouth dropped opened and just walked away without saying a word.

I chose then to approach the Lone Star Ride table (who sponsored the charity event) in tears and anger and asked who was in charge. I explained to him exactly what happened…I was immediately dismissed and told “well if you wanna go talk to the cast member Philip, he’s around.” That is all he had to say.

I took his advice and approached Philip Willis and said “I’d like to introduce you to my friends.” I then proceeded to educate him on his lack of tact and education. He instantly replied “I don’t know what you are talking about, and I never said that.” He attempted to leave, but I told him I wasn’t finished speaking. I once again tried to educate him on his ignorance, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with it, so he chose to walk away…not saying another word. No apology, nothing. I am hurt, and I am furious that this Philip Willis was so incredibly uneducated and full of disregard, and he was there to represent a figure in our Dallas GLBT community to raise money for such an important cause. He is in no way, shape, or form an “A-lister” and should NOT be allowed to represent himself as an upstanding citizen of the GLBT community of Dallas, TX. I am also extremely angry at Logo, you obviously did not do your homework when choosing your cast members correctly. Shame on you!

Please know that regardless of how this hurt me personally or how angry I am, this is not about me-this is about the increasing number of men between the ages of 18-25 who are contracting HIV in our community. According to my doctor, it is spreading like wildfire. Something needs to be done.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me directly, feel free to do so. If by my letters, conversations, and emails prevents one person from contracting HIV, then I’ve done my job.


Donnie Pangburn

Wow, some pretty serious allegations there. Here are some text screen shots from Donni Pangburn’s Facebook Page:

Here below is a picture that we found on the “Boycott LOGO’s A-List Dallas” page where the caption reads, “Attempting to educate Phillip Willis on his ignorance and discrimination. He later denied everything…he needs to be removed from the show.” I believe this to be an image of Donnie confronting Phillip as he mentioned in his letter above.

As always, if you have any tips or information about A-List Dallas, or anything in the Gay Community in Dallas, email it to us: Kendall@GayDFW.com

25 thoughts on “A-List Dallas Cast Angering Gay Community”

  1. I’m thinking Beau isn’t on the show any longer because he’s the only one with class, and he’s not a douchebag. Seems like that’s the qualifications for the rest of the cast.

  2. I dont know what to be more irritated about, the fact that the incident in the letter happened, or that so far the only 2 comments dont even touch on the topic.

  3. Absolutely disgusting. I am an AIDS patient and also a state certified HIV/AIDS educator and conduct HIV testing. In recent months I have become increasingly alarmed at the ignorance within the LGBT community about HIV/AIDS, the pandemic that has affected the LGBT community more than any other group of people. For a person to claim to be an A-list representative of the LGBT community and display such ignorance is totally unacceptable. Shame, shame, shame. Is it going to require another devastating pandemic of this virus to awaken those within our community who should be most aware?

  4. Just because one man with HIV is not poor or sad.. doesn’t mean that those with full blown AIDS are not.. do you think the majority of them are poor and sad? PROBABLY!

    So you take a blanket statement and mix it with another blanket statement.. WTF

    I don’t think he should have to apologize for making a blanket statement. He needs to be informed about who really has it.. A LOT of 20 year olds who look very healthy and will pass it on to the next 20 year old.. the 20’s outnumber the people in their 30’s.. but not in their 40s who have it..

    The guys in their 30’s grew up during the major scare.. and it took a decrease for a while there.. now it’s picked back up again because of the one pill factor.

    OH I can take a pill.. that’s crazy nuts!

    And then those who have it are angry and bitter.. passing it on to everyone..

    Poor and Sad!

  5. Another thing – HOW many people in their 20’s are raising money for HIV/AIDS..

    Not too many..

    And for a lot of people it’s sad.. and the perception is that those who live with full blown AIDS are poor..

    So his statement about those poor people with AIDS.. yeah I don’t think that’s too far off the mark..

    Those who are lucky enough to catch it when it’s HIV and get the one pill a day.. I’m sure they are SUPER HAPPY.. sure..

  6. This was an extremely horrible & terrible incident for the person involved, Donnie. It’s sickening to see how ignorant & rude people really can be. My heart goes out to the guy! But, I can’t help but wonder why everyone is so pissed off at the show & at Logo? I mean, come on, the show is ridiculous & the people are ridiculous, what more could we expect? Even if Logo spent time researching people, they can’t be certain that someone will never be mean or hateful to another person. Shouldn’t we be angry at the dumbass who said the dumbass things instead? How are his dumbass actions the responsibility of someone else’s? The dumbass that made the comments should leave the show & crawl back in his hole!

  7. I was standing right next to Donnie when all this went down and I am so proud that Donnie raised his voice and is doing this to bring awareness. Please join the Boycott LOGO’s A-List Dallas page on facebook.

    @ Abe…that is where you will find so many comments. In 48 hours 229 people have joined. Spread the word.

  8. Dear Logo Executives,
    If you are working diligently to provide entertainement that highlights the superficial and self absorbed nature of some of the people that are out in gay nightlife then you have the right cast. I hope that if this is your intent that you can actually do something to further the image of gay people as a whole by taking the thread in this incident and featuring it as one of the subplots in one of your shows. Perhaps even use Willis as he is obviously could fill the roll easily if not even typecast. Take the incident and develop it as a subplot where Willis acts like the self absorbed ass that he is, is called on it by his gay and black friends and associates who point out to Willis the self absorbed nature of his young mind, and educate him to the facts that AIDS is still growing and a big problem but not just for his gay friends, but his straight black friends as well. That if he thinks that it can’t or won’t happen to him that he is wrong, and that if he thinks that it does not affect him that he is wrong, and that he needs to have more heart as a person and be less self absorbed. Perhaps Willis could rise to some real acting on his part where he realizes what he is being told is true and sees the error of his superficial dance/drunk/glisten/glitter life and decides to grow up a bit, all right there in front of the camera. You go figure out how that can be best crafted, I am sure you can rise out of the superficial hedonist self absorbed nature of the people and the social settings which you are going for and to actually ad something other than the flash in the pan of mindless youth. Give it a shot and give something back to the community which you surely stem from and help some young people grow up, if even only for a moment by their identification with a protagonist like naive self absorbed WIllis. Perhaps WIllis himself even might grow up some, who knows?
    Its the socially responsible thing you could do.

  9. I am sick to my stomach after reading this. I think the young “adults” need to be better informed about current issues facing our community. TO just be ambivalent about it means you dont care to care. If you were at a fund raiser, would you care about what your raising funds for? Hypocritical at best, these people need to open there eyes and realize not all eyes are on them.

  10. Sadly, this situation reflects a pretty normal attitude in the DFW area. Be mad all you want, but no one except our community is to blame. I’m 24, living with HIV, and its a brutal world out there. I face this sort of intolerance and ignorance when meeting people from the gay community, especially here in Dallas. Untill EVERYONE gets a grip and learns a few things, this attitude will continue. I hope this situation brings a little more awareness to our city.

  11. I live in Dallas and was there right before the incident and have been following the threads. I heard yesterday that Caven Enterprises, which owns half the gay bars in Dallas, has agreed to bar LOGO from filming in any of its clubs. Way to go! Now, let’s get the rest on board.

  12. Yep Steven, that is true. Caven Enterprises has decided that they will not allow filming at their clubs or properties.
    Word has it that Woody’s has also decided on that. Now we just need to work on Round Up.

  13. We need to educate and take a stand that ignorance towards HIV/AIDS will no longer be tolerated. We have to take a stand and let everyone know that we do NOT want our community being represented in a negative light anymore!

    At the same time we wish no physical harm to any human being. We just want to be heard, we want an apology, we want education, and we want the show off the air.

    Please join the “Boycott A-List Dallas” page on Facebook and show your support!

  14. i would like to say that i know personally know Phillip and have for many years. I can assure you that his words meant no harm to any person. Phillip is not that type of person, he was raised to be kind and have compassion for others. He has a pure heart and means nothing but the best. i do understand that he might have been misunderstood, but again he meant no harm. He is loving and kind. I think it is an outrage that you people would go to this level of hate in your own community. i love and phillip and will always stand by his side.

  15. It sounds to me like the “poor and sad” comment was taken out of context and may have meant he simply feels pity for those who have HIV or AIDS. I don’t think he was making a statement of wealth at all. While it’s understandable how this can come off offensively to someone who is HIV positive, I think everyone is making this a bigger deal than it really is. It’s a tough world so everyone please put on your big girl panties and get on with life.

  16. If Phillip is suppose to be an A-Lister of Gay Dallas, then he should already be aware of the truths about HIV/AIDS. If Phillip is such a smart and kind young adult, then he would know how to act like an adult and speak like one, instead of running his mouth like a lot of typical Dallas Gays with dallatude. I too have met and known Phillip for quite some time and see how important his image is to him. Hearing the fact that he made this comment doesn’t come as much of a surprise. A-List? No where near it. Bar-List?…sounds about right. I highly doubt that he does not know about the things he said and that it has been made public. Being said and if he is so kind and passionate about others, where is he to either defend himself or explain/apologize what he said? And Mario, would you just get on with life if someone was making opposing gay statements, I doubt it. In fact I am sure you favor a president or political figure simply because of their views on gay rights. Phillip wants to be an “ambassador” of the Dallas gays, then he needs to grow up and act like one. As I have said, an A-List gay of Dallas shouldn’t be mindless and unaware of what he is saying, let alone not educated on the truths of HIV/AIDS and it’s people. Image will only get you so far in this world, then stupidity catches up with you. He should move to MTV if he wants to act this way.

  17. We all have days when we are sad and maybe poor whether we are Poz or not BUT this is about a television actor who is filming at a fundraiser and is clearly ignorant and afraid of the HIV/AIDS issue. Donnie wasn’t just offended, he was motivated to educate the cast member who then ran away and continues to run away in fear. Fear makes me sad, but the casts ignorance makes them poor. Both these feelings could be simply cured with some education. Thanks Donnie for standing up. All the rest of you whiners saying this is not big deal can STFU.

  18. I just want to know how this James kid can be a part of a show in the Dallas area and “Claim” to love Dallas and yet on his Grindr Profile he cannot wait to get out of Dallas and is always slamming Dallas.

  19. One of the cast gives money & support to people & an organization that wants gay people to die & just go away. That cast member is Taylor and the organization he supports is the Republican Party.

  20. I would never try to defend Philip Willis but this is a reality show on Logo. Look at the horrendous people on their A-List NY show. Those people are neither A-List nor are they representative of the gay community in NYC. I’m sure Phillip Willis was cast to “bring the drama” because drama equals ratings. In the episodes that I’ve seen, he’s a pathetic troublemaker which is exactly what Logo wants.