Easter in the Park Moving Dates

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<PLEASE SHARE! It looks like a community event cannot be organized with some sort of drama involved. Turtle Creek Association has moved the date for Easter in the park from Easter, to the weekend before. This event has remained unchanged for years, yet this year they are changing it to be more “family friendly” citing that people have family events to attend on Easter Sunday. I understand and respect this decision, however, I do take some issue with it.

Easter in the Park has become much more for many people than simply a local event in a park. It has become a place for people without family around, or for people who cannot travel to their family to get together and have fun on a day when family is important. Think of it as a gathering of second families. While the official date has been changed to April 17th 2011, there is a separate event that has been organized for people to attend on the actual date of Easter. While the second date will not contain the official pooch parade that many look forward too, I still urge people to attend on Easter.

Bring your dog, dress it up, and lets show the Turtle Creek Association that they are out of touch with the people. Moving dates can have a significant impact on attendance to this event, and could very well kill the event. Lets continue the tradition, on Easter day, and hopefully, they will come to their senses and next year we can rejoin the official Easter in the Park on the date it is supposed to take place. Easter.

Check out the event page for the Unofficial Easter in the Park!

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