Alist Dallas Casting Call

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<-PLEASE SHARE! Fresh off the press…err, well out of our inbox. Last week we told you that Alist from Logo was scouting out Dallas as a possible location to film for an upcoming season, and today we got an email from the producers lettings us know that they have opened up an official casting call.  The casting email reads:

LOGO & True Entertainment in association with Doron Ofir Casting presents the unprecedented invitation  to  the “A List” in the age range of 20 – mid 30’s to document your life and world as an elite clique of gay male and female
friends with a vibrant lifestyle that defines your city!

If you reign supreme within a fierce habitat of drama, love, laughter, art, music, lust, drive, fashion, sex, nightlife, aspiration, passion, sweat,luxury, success and you stand out amid the city’s endless wannabe’s, we’d like to see you bring it.

Interviews will be held with select candidates who embody status, are legendarily hot, and absolutely fabulous in LA and Dallas.

If you think you have what it takes visit and if you think some of your friends should be on this show, send this listing to them!

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